6 Tips For Beginners To Start Marathon Training

Running in marathons are beneficial to both mind and body. Your lifestyle will tend to change soon after you start marathon training. When you undergo such training, you need to change some of your regular habits. These habits include social life, sleep timings, and diet. If you get support from your friends or family, you are lucky for having motivators. Someday, you can motivate your friends and family to join you for the Training. In this article, you will know some essential beginner tips for marathon training.

Maintain A Log Of Your Marathon Training

Take a pen and note down your run times, distance, and your mileage at the end of the day. Do not think of skipping this step as a beginner. If you do so, you will fail to keep track of your improvement. Keeping a record of your running details will help you improve in the future. When you note down the records of your future run, you can tally the difference.

Six Relevant Tips For Beginners To Start Their Marathon Training
Six Relevant Tips For Beginners To Start Their Marathon Training

Give A Weekly Hike Of 10% To Your Mileage Count

You need to improve with time. If you keep on running with the same mileage, your body gets acquainted with it, and the improvement pauses. To enhance your stamina and strength, you need to increase your mileage 10% every week. The slow hike will give a chance to your body to acquaint. If you plan on giving a major hike at an instant, you may suffer injury.

Plan For A Cheat Week

Six Relevant Tips For Beginners To Start Their Marathon Training
Six Relevant Tips For Beginners To Start Their Marathon Training

Cheat week in marathon training is something when you decide to reduce your mileage for an entire week. You can do that if you have some work in a particular week, you can reduce your mileage. Be free to do that as one week will not take back the benefits you have earned so far.

Complete 3 to 4 Days Of Running In A Week

Keep a day for a long run. Take two runs more in a week to develop your strength and speed. You might take a fourth run in a week for the recovery of the stiff muscles. Particularly for speed, you can run fast for a shorter distance. Take a hill run for strength. Long runs develop your stamina and the strength of your legs.

For Marathon Training – Run Alternate Days

You should not overstress your body and give some rest to it. Marathon training does not require a week full of sweat. You can run on alternate days giving an ample amount of rest to your body. If you are doing a hard run today, take a rest tomorrow or go for a low run.

Measure Your Heart Rate When At Rest   

Keep track of your heart rate when you wake up in the morning. Maintain that data in your training log. Your resting heart rate should decrease while you step towards fitness. If you find your resting heart pulse is more than the day before, consider resting that day.

If you are willing to become a marathon runner, then you need to consider these tips for effective marathon training for beginners.

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