A Beginner’s Guide To Running For A Teenager

a beginner's guide to running

Are you still thinking about running? Don’t think about it just do it. Running is good for your body and mind and that’s why it is enjoyed by millions of people in the world. Running is very essential to start at an early age so that your body gets habituated to exercise. For running all you need is a good pair of shoes and a willingness to start. Running can easily keep your body and mind stable physically as well as emotionally. This piece of the blog will help teenagers because it is a beginner’s guide to running and through this piece of writing you will get to know about the basic tips and tricks that are necessary for running.

Basic Tips Of Running In A Efficient Manner 

Invest Your Money In Shoes And Gear

Running For A Teenager

Shoes are always a basic necessity for running. And a good pair of shoes can always help you run in an efficient manner. Always wear shoes that are perfectly fit under your heels and have a cushion beneath your sole. Shoes should be comfortable while running and do not put any stress on your leg.

Always prefer to wear lightweight running shorts, top, and tights as they will keep you dry and comfortable while running.

So a beginner’s guide of running always includes the best and comfortable shoes and gear.

Use The Run And Walk Method 

Running For A Teenager

In the initial days of your running, you can combine the run and walk method. As for teenagers during the initial days of running, you don’t have the endurance to run for a longer period of time. So to build endurance with less stress on the leg muscle and joint one should practice the run and walk method in 2:1. This is one of the basic beginner’s guides to running for teenagers.

Practice Good Posture

A good posture is always important while running to avoid injuries to the spine and neck.

When beginners start running, they always try to push them harder without worrying about their posture. They always lean forward while running to get more pace during running. But the good posture is that your head should be straight, your back should feel free, and your shoulders should be relaxed. Focus your eyes 10 to 20 feet in front of you so that you won’t bend forward and run in a good posture.

Monitor Your Footstep

The way your foot strikes the floor is called the footstep. There are many different ways your foot strikes the ground. You might touch your toes first on the ground while running or you might touch your heels first on the ground. If you are a toe runner then your calves will be tighter as a result but if a heel runner then you may experience pain and also waste your energy in a shorter period of time. So as a beginner guide to running it is always important to watch your footsteps while running.

Proper Hydration

Hydration is very much important while running. You are going to face sweat while running whether it is cold or summer outside. So you need to keep an eye on your thirst level for proper care of your hydration. A normal runner is advisable to drink 100ml to 200ml of water every 20 minutes of running. Make sure you keep your body hydrated before running a long run. This beginner’s guide to running will surely help you while running a long run.


Running is natural as it comes from a very basic age but when you are a teenager you need to run for keeping your mind and body fit. Running is a form of exercise which includes all your body organs and it is very good for a healthy heart. But to run in a good manner you need to keep an eye on a beginner’s guide to running which is discussed in this piece of writing. For a teenager, it is always advisable to run by keeping basics in mind as it will help them to run for a longer duration and it will also make them mentally and physically strong. So get outside of your comfort zone and start running.

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