Benefits Of Running Everyday – How To Keep Yourself Fit And Healthy

benefits of running everyday

Running everyday will give you the health benefits you may expect, so let us first make that clear. The studies reveal that if you run for just 5-10 minutes every day at a moderate speed, then you can stay away from cardiac issues, strokes and other common long-term or delay issues. However, the same research also states that the benefits are at 4.5 hours every week. You don’t have to run every day. Now, let us check the benefits of running everyday.

Dos and Don’ts – Running Everyday

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Running can be an impactful exercise and if you train yourself beyond your limit, you may face certain stress fractures and similar injuries. If you don’t want to run everyday, setting the number of days completely depends on your goals and fitness levels. For example, if it has been a while you have worked out, then you might want to start slow with low pace and minimal timing.

You have to schedule days for your training and make a plan under the supervision of an expert if you are going to enter full-fledged training. The focus is on increasing your strength and staying healthy overall.

Benefits Of Running Everyday

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Running everyday for amount 6 miles per hour would reduce the occurrence of heart attack or stroke, any cardiovascular diseases, cancer development and other neurological diseases. All of these benefits can be availed if you try running for about 2.5 hours per week or if you are choosing 5 days, then you can use 30 minutes for the same. With only so much effort, you can enjoy the longevity benefits at maximum.

Other benefits would also include your increased productivity, sleep and mood. The researchers came up with a study, observing a group of healthy people who ran for 30 minutes at a moderate pace every morning. They have been doing it for 3 weeks while their ability to sleep and concentrate were tested. This was compared to a group of non-runners and you can think of the ability that runners might have shown. A better physical health only calls for 30 minutes of a good activity like swimming, cycling, yoga or running.

Safety Measures

When you run everyday, yes, you gain all the benefits but you may injure yourself if you overdo it. If you choose to run then you might want to not overload certain muscles causing the injury and with minimal time invested, you might want to gain all the benefits we have listed above. One of the most common injuries you can experience when you run is the overuse injury. Make sure you have a running shoe and change your show if it doesn’t work out for you. When you want to increase the number of miles every week, do it gradually. Use proper form to run and warm up before you start exercising or running.


We really hope that you make use of all the beneficial ideas we have provided and get the most of benefits just by going for a run everyday. If you have any ligament tear issues or existing muscle related problems, you might want to consult a doctor before you start running.

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