Guide To Train For Running A Half Marathon

guide to running a half marathon

During the pandemic, you may not have seen many marathons being held in your city, but now the cases are decreasing, and many communities are conducting marathons. It might be difficult for you to train yourself for a marathon after several years, and you have to start from the beginning, but you have to do it. Running a half marathon that is 13-1 mile long is challenging your body, which requires a lot of determination and hard work. The central part of the marathon is training, most people overdo their training which leads to injury, and they do not perform well in the competition. You have to do proper training, with experts who can guide you at every point. Most trainers plan too much and force the runner to reach the limit, which is not possible every time; a person can train according to their body. It is better to stay motivated but commit as per your physical limits, and you have to save your energy for the marathon day. Therefore, follow our guide to train to run a half marathon, pass the final rope first, and bring that gold medal to your home.

How To Train For The First Time

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The first motive of training for a beginner is to run for a longer time or distance. Initially, you have to practice yourself to cover more distance, and you may start with 10 to 15 miles, but record your progress. Every day, push yourself and run more than your previous day. In a few weeks, you may be able to run 20 to 30 miles. Start training yourself three months before the marathon so you can build your stamina and muscles to run the marathon. You have to train early so that you may recover from any injury before the marathon. Some runners start with 3 miles a day, so do not worry if you can’t run for a long distance; keep grinding. Keep comparing your progress weekly, and go for long runs once or twice a week to push your muscles.

Things To Eat; Guide To Running A Half Marathon

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Your body needs good fuel when working out, so do not try new caffeine, energy gel, and drinks, stick to basics in the first few weeks. After some time, try new energy gels to stop consuming them if you get any side effects. It is advised to take carbs in your breakfast and consume 30-60 carbs while running, too, to maintain the balance.

What To Wear; Guide To Running A Half Marathon

Buying clothes for running is cheap, as you need some comfortable clothes, but you have to précised while buying the clothes. Do not wear tight or loose shoes; get a good pair of shoes that fit you perfectly. Do not copy from someone else; go to the store and buy your shoes according to your form and needs. Test every cloth and accessory before running a marathon, so you are ready for it.


Once you have trained and everything is on track, rest your body a few days before the marathon. Do not over-train; stay focused and fresh a few hours before going for a marathon.

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