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guide 10 running shoes

If you’re in the market for a new pair of running shoes, then you definitely want to consider the guides that have been released by the experts in the sport of running. The guides will point you in the right direction so that you can find a great pair of running shoes that will allow you to excel where others have failed. The guides also tell you what to look for when you buy a pair and what type of cushioning and support to get. Once you figure out what you really need in your shoes, then you’ll be ready to go shopping for a new pair.

An Overview

Running Shoes

If you’re a serious runner or simply a casual athlete, you no doubt know how important it is to get a quality pair of men’s athletic shoes that are able to give you the support and comfort that you desire. A good pair of athletic shoes can make it or break it, especially if it’s when you wear them to run. Fortunately, Saucony has made it their mission to deliver you the guide 10 in running shoes so that you can get exactly what you want. If you have yet to hear about the 10 in shoe category then this article is for you.

The first part of the guide 10 running shoes series is the cushioning options. One of the most popular cushioning options today is the Saucony ATS midsole. This midsole is made of an advanced mesh material that was developed specifically to bridge the gap between a runner’s feet and the outsole. The mesh material has been specifically designed to work in conjunction with the soles of a runner’s feet to offer extra support and energy transfer that allows the runner to run smoothly. Saucony has also developed an ATC (all-round wear top) that features the same engineered mesh that’s found on the midsole.

Choosing a Running Shoe

Running Shoes

Next on the guide 10 list is an energy return that uses Thermo Loc technology. Thermo Loc uses a patented thermal energy return that allows a runner to maintain optimum efficiency no matter what type of surface they are running on. The thermal energy return works in conjunction with the Athermogrid active tension system which is designed to evenly distribute body heat and prevent it from being pulled toward the feet. Most of the other major brands have abandoned the Thermo Loc in favor of other technologies but Saucony has retained it for their guide 10 athletic shoes.

Finally, the last section of the guide 10 running shoe series considers cushioning. Cushioning is critical to any high impact runner as a lot of energy is lost as the foot strikes the ground. A well cushioned midsole can add as much as three yards to the average distance of a single run. Saucony has developed a number of cushioning technologies including Air Cushion and Phantom Cushion. The Air Cushion is designed to be an EVA foam midsole while the Phantom Cushion is made from a combination of EVA and polyurethane.

Anothertechnology featured on the guide 10 shoe series is the Saucony Tri-flex midsole. Developed by NASA, Saucony’s Tri-flex midsole offers a lightweight alternative to Nike’s Air Max technology. By using polymers and polyurethane instead of traditional materials, the Saucony Tri-flex midsole can reduce weight and increase durability. Although there is no information on durability statistics, the company does say that the material is resistant to wear and will last an athlete five times as long as a Nike Air Max.


With this list of features, it would seem that the Guide 10 shoes use more cushioning than most other shoes, but in reality the main factor in the comfortability of the shoe is the uppers. The uppers determine how the shoe provides comfort, and the company claims that the uppers of their running shoes have been specifically engineered to maximize breath ability. The uppers are made of high density carbon fiber for optimum breath ability. One thing that we can not confirm is whether or not the carbon fiber makes the uppers more resistant to wear. The Guide 10’s outsole is also constructed with Everun’s SL EVA foam, which is manufactured to be one of the most durable and wear-resistant cushioning materials available.

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