How To Train A Marathon Runner

How to train running to marathon runner?

In most cases, first-time marathon running aspirants do not know how they should kick running. Train running to such aspirants starts from very basics and it includes exercises and workout schedule.

Well, you may well aware that a marathon is more than 26.2 miles, which are not easy to cover if you are just beginner. You need to work a lot to be a successful marathon runner. If you are new in the running world and wish to run a marathon, you should inculcate the following habits in you.

How To Train Running To Marathon Runner #1. Run Consistently

How to train running to marathon runner?
How to train running to marathon runner?

As you know, the marathon distance is quite long. So, you will have to practice to run long and continuous. Start from 10 minutes a day running and reach the level of one hour running. At initial stages, you can take breaks during a run, but gradually you should do running consistently with no tears.

How To Train Runnings For Marathon Runer #2. Keep Weekends Off

In your running schedule, keep weekends entirely off. You can keep any other alternate day off to give rest to your body. Otherwise, you can save every alternate day off and the long run on weekends. You should prepare your schedule according to your working scenarios as well as practising demands.

How To Train Running To Marathon Runner #3. Take Prescribed Diet

The runners’ diet should contain more energy, carbs, protein, minerals, and good fat. The reason behind it is that they burn more calories, their metabolism works faster comparatively and they sweat more when they exercise or run. You will get many diet prescribing tutorials for beginner runners. Either you can follow any of them or you can make your own diet chart.

The only consideration is that you should intake energy foods and muscle strengthening foods. Bananas, milk, yoghurt, peanut butter, glucose, potatoes, etc. are good things to eat regularly.

How To Train Runnings To Marathon Runners #4. Cross-Training

How to train running to marathon runner?
How to train running to marathon runner?

Train running also includes cross training. However, the same is not necessary. But it is suggested to take cross training like swimming on alternate days in order to strengthen muscles and build a perfect physique for running. Interestingly, running a marathon doesn’t require a perfect running physique, but it will help you in improving your running capacity and career.

How To Train Runnings To Marathon Runners #5. Proper Rest

Rest and recovery are equally important, along with regular running. If you do not take proper rest, your body will not support you to run longer and faster. If you are suffering from some problems like high blood pressure or any such other issue, you should monitor your heart rate. Don’t overburden yourself for exercise and workout. Listen to your body symptoms and plan accordingly.


Marathon is a personal challenge and getting trained for it is a requirement. Self-train running is quite tough compared to a coach’s training. However, if the marathon day is away more than a year, you can start with self-running practices and afterward, you can switch to training coaches.

If you are a first-timer, choose an easy marathon and gradually, challenge yourself more. This way, you will be able to understand your capability and test results of training.

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