Know About The Different Types And Benefits Of Going For A Run

benefits of going for a run

Running is said as the best exercise type that helps to boost a person’s health. If you don’t have a proper time to go for regular exercising or join training classes, then you cannot neglect the benefits of going for a run. Regular running for 30 minutes can keep you free from stress, diseases, etc. Mentioned below are various types of running with their particular benefits:

Jogging Run


You can enjoy a rewarding activity if you go jogging outside regularly. Jogging is best for those who want to lose fat faster and improve oxygen supply in the body. With increased oxygen supply, you can get the benefits of cancer prevention. Jogging can also impact the immune system, making it better. It can also help to cut down inflammation in any part of the body. Your mental health can also get a boost with regular jogging.

Endurance Run


This type of run is also termed long-distance running. This is best for those who are preparing for a marathon run. However, anyone can practice endurance runs but for marathon runners, this must be a priority. It helps to strengthen bones and muscles. Also, it stimulates the heart. Strong muscles and bones can reduce the risk of being injury prone. You can also enjoy mental toughness and boosted confidence. Marathon runners who enjoy these benefits of going for a run likely have better mental stability.

Benefits Of Going For A Run – Incline Run 

If you want to make your abdominal muscles strong then going for an incline run can be an excellent option. This will also help you meet the goal of your flat and fit stomach. As incline runs are intensive, they put pressure on your abdominal as well as back muscles. In incline runs, the gravity will be pulling you down so your body will need to work harder making itself more active. This is two to three times more effective than that of running on flat surfaces.

Sprinting Runs

These runs can be said as the most complex type of running. In this, you will have to run as fast as possible. You can do this in a span of short periods. Practicing sprint runs can maximize the working of your heart, increasing its beating rate. This will help to maximize the effort of your workout. There are several other benefits of sprinting runs like it helps to improve metabolism, enhances the burning of calories, and reduces stress, etc.

Benefits Of Going For A Run – Interval Runs 

Until some recent years, this type of running used to be practiced by athletes only. However, nowadays it is recommended by the trainers also and people also practice it widely. This can be said as an alternation between recovery and sprinting runs. This is very good for cardiovascular health. Also, this can make your workout exciting too.


Running is the best alternative to the gym and the mantra to stay healthy. From the above-discussed types, you can practice any and take a step towards a healthy life.

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