Must-Have Equipment For Running For Beginners - Must-Have Equipment For Running For Beginners -

Must-Have Equipment For Running For Beginners

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Running is one of the easiest sports that offer ample health benefits. Whether you run to stay fit, lose extra weight, or simply because you like it, the sport requires little gear. No doubt you can choose to run in your regular shorts or jacket, having the right running gear will keep you comfortable while boosting your performance. Here is a list of equipment for running every beginner needs to splurge on.

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Running Clothes

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Depending on the weather, you need to choose your running clothes. Decide to wear knee-length, ankle-length shorts, or running tights according to the weather outside. No matter what you wear, your running clothes should be made of lightweight fabric like lycra or nylon. Do not settle for cotton clothes as they don’t pull away sweat and can cause chafing. Also, purchase a jacket if you run during the early morning hours or in wintertime. The jacket you are buying should be waterproof, well-insulated, and not too tight. Women should also splurge on a well-fitted sports bra for comfortable running sessions. We also recommend getting a running cap, glasses, socks, sunglasses, and gloves.

Running Shoes

A good pair of running shoes can’t be missed from the list of equipment for running. Beginners should invest in a pair of well-fitted and good-quality shoes tailored to their feet. This is crucial to prevent foot injuries and other mishaps. The best way to pick the perfect running shoes is to visit a specialty running store, get your foot measured, and then pick the right pair. Some specialty running stores may ask you about your running pattern or style and then offer recommendations. Follow these tips to buy the right running shoes:

Buy the shoes that allow your toes to move within the shoe’s forefoot.

Make sure the heel of the shoes you are buying fits rightly and is neither too loose nor too tight.

The running shoe’s upper shouldn’t feel tight a bit.

Make sure to check the shoe’s flex point – the point at which the shoe will bend while you run.

Take your arch into consideration while buying running shoes. While runners with a high arch should buy curved shoes, those with a flat arch need something that offers more stability.

Test your shoes with socks on by running for a few minutes.

Fitness Watch

Serious runners can’t avoid buying a fitness watch. This equipment for running will keep a good track of their everyday running sessions and eventually help in boosting their performance. Get a multi-sport watch with a built-in GPS, calorie counter, heart rate sensor, and distance and speed tracker. The watch should also have the latest version of Bluetooth, barometer, and other smart features.

Hydration Belt

If you decide to run longer distances, you need a hydration belt for sure. A hydration belt will offer your body fuel and prevent it from getting dehydrated. Even if you run in your locality, running with a hydration belt is always a wise idea. Get a hydration belt of the right size that will help you carry enough fluid especially if you run at a remote place. The hydration belt should also have compartments to hold your phone, keys, money, earphones, and other small accessories.

Reflective Gear

People who prefer running at night or during late evening hours should buy reflective gear to avoid accidents. You can run with reflective clothes and shoes to remain visible to cars at night. Try to wear reflective arm, wrist, and leg straps to gain clear visibility of nearby objects while running in low-light conditions. Carrying a flashlight or running with a headlamp are other options to consider.

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