Nike Running Shoes

Nike provides several models of shoes for various kinds of running. You could be a regular runner or a trainer, Nike has shoes for all.

History Of The Company

The company was inaugurated on the 25th of January 1964 by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight, with the initial name Blue Ribbon Sports.  Later on, in May 30, 1971, the company’s name became Nike Inc. Nike is an American multinational company. Today, the company is the most preferred brand of sports shoes.  Nike has also a range of sports gears like shoes, apparels, equipment, accessories, services etc.  Most of the product designing is in-house and has a marketing unit as well.

Nike is the world’s largest manufacturer of sports shoes. Furthermore, it maintains this level for many years. Nike running shoes are especially the most popular among athletes worldwide.

Market Share

In 2018, the company’s rank was 89 out of a list of 500 companies’ fortune with regard to its total revenue.  In 2018, its total revenue was US$ 36.39 billion and the number of employees in this same year was 73100.

Features Of Nike Shoes

Nike shoes are popular over many other brands of shoes and are manufactured with an advanced technology. This trait enhances the experience to the runner.  The distinct features and design make it a mass favorite. The design is also done with an utmost attention on details.  Furthermore, the shoes have solid rubber and flexible bone pattern that provide extra support and comfort to the runner. They are also pliable, which gives a runner that perfect flexibility. Nike shoes are very light. If you buy a pair of Nike running shoes, you can use them for a long period of time. Moreover, the shoes are strong enough to prevent catastrophic injuries too.

Nike Running Shoes

Brand Ambassadors Of Nike

Michael Jordan was the original brand ambassador of Nike Inc. He signed in 1984. Kendrick Lamar is Nike’s newest ambassador. Nike is also a sponsor for Indian cricket team. Over the years, the company sponsored soccer players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney etc.

Nike’s Market Domination

A customer always looks for the value of his money. Therefore, Nike appeals to its customers at various levels. It helps them with their fitness regime and maintaining a way of life. Nike also operates on direct-to-customer strategy which helps them to get immediate feedback from customers. Nike provides larger access to its customers as well. When it’s not able to reach a place where the customer is physically present, the company goes there digitally. This is the reason why Nike is on a good course. With a good product, it provides great after sale services. Moreover, It makes it a leading and highest  preferred brand of shoes by its customers.


Nike supplies several models of shoes for various kinds of running. You could be a regular runner or a trainer, Nike has shoes for all. Furthermore, Nike provides a cutting edge technology by making various models of shoes to maximize performance. The various models of shoes and its men’s and women’s footwear segmentation is proof of how the company is dedicated to its customers. Given these points, the versatility and the range of shoes manufactured by Nike are unmatched.

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