Resistance Running Equipment That You Need For Working Out

Resistance Running Equipment

Resistance training is one of the most sought after and best-known training methods for increasing physical strength. Since resistance training is so essential, it is also important that you own resistance running equipment that will aid you in improving your muscle strength.

Resistance Running Equipment For Muscle Strength

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Below some of the most indispensable and important pieces of resistance running equipment are mentioned that one must have so as to improve one’s performance. This equipment will play a significant role in shaping up your form. Have a look at all of them:

Pull Harness

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This piece is used during the warm-up session. It includes a partner. In this system, you run against the resistance offered by your partner. This harness can be used to improve acceleration and speed.

Speed Ladder

A speed ladder is made to lay on the ground, and the runner is made to run through it by placing one foot in each gap. It is more of a ten-meter run. The speed ladder improves foot speed, foot turnover, and controls foot placement. One can also put their feet in the gaps and practice butt kicks and high knees.

Slow-motion camera or coach’s eye

This camera is more of a rectifier. It works best to capture high-speed moments so that you can watch them again and observe where you need to work upon. If you feel that the camera is slightly out of your budget, then you might use the coach’s eye app that is compatible with all the smartphones. You can watch your video in slow motion and also share it. This app is a great alternative for the camera.

Parachute And Pull Sled

Parachute and pull sleds are a great combination of resistance running because they help to work on one’s linear motion. Sleds are more expensive than parachutes, but they work great for acceleration training. You can use both the items for the initial few exercises or however you like it.

Weight Vest

In weight vest, there are a number of pockets wherein you can put many weights and divide them equally for training your upper body. When your upper body weight increases, it provides great resistance to your foot while sprinting. However, you must keep in mind not to overload it. It will break down your performance. Training with a weight vest is more or less similar to training with a parachute.


All these resistance training equipment is very fruitful for those who are deeply engaged in such kind of workout sessions. These pieces of resistance running equipment will not only boost your energy but also divert in a better manner. If you are looking forward to such kind of training, then you should definitely check all these equipment out. They might prove to be of great benefit to you.

For resistance running, these are the best for every age type. Buy them today and experience the most amazing resistance training session.

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