Revealed- Benefits Of Running In The Cold

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Winter is approaching. And you’re not alone if you’re tempted to skip a workout because of snow, ice, cold, or rain. We could find out in a study published in the Journal of Sport and Health Science, many people use the cold weather as an excuse to avoid exercising.

Running outdoors in the winter, for example, can be beneficial to your health in a variety of ways. It gives you the chance to increase your vitamin D intake. It can also assist you in getting some of the physical activity that your doctor (and other experts) often advise you to do regularly.

Although there are some dangers associated with running in the cold, there are also some advantages. 

Increases Your Aerobic Activity

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Running in cold weather has some advantages, one of which is that you get some aerobic exercise.In the view of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, adult people need an average of 150 minutes of medium intense aerobic activity or 75 minutes of more intensive exercise each week (CDC). A few brisk runs outside could quickly assist you in achieving those objectives.

Revs Up Your Metabolism

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Furthermore, the cooler temperatures can help speed up your metabolism and alter your body composition. If evolutionary theory is correct, our bodies are conditioned to conserve fat stores during the winter by slowing our metabolisms in response to our reduced exercise levels, “Holland explains. “Running in the cold acts as a “trick” on the body, avoiding the seasonal slowing of metabolism and assisting in weight management.

Burns Calorie

According to a 2014 survey According to Trusted Source, men exposed to cooler temperatures overnight for a month had a significant rise in brown fat, which burns calories instead of storing them like white fat. Getting to the gym can be tricky (especially during the winter months), and using a treadmill at home can be tedious, which is why we enjoy running in the cold. It’s open, easy to use, and never dull. “In the winter, we prefer to move less and eat more,” Holland says. “Running consumes a lot of calories, so it’s a great way to stay in shape and even lose weight during the winter.”

Stops Sad

“Many people suffer from Seasonal Affect Disorder (SAD) as the days get shorter and the temperature drops,” Holland says. “In the colder months, running helps release powerful hormones that help fight depression and increase positive mood states.” Taking your run outside will make you feel even better: People who exercised outdoors had more stamina, felt less depressed, and were more likely to repeat their workouts, according to research published in the journal Environmental Science and Technology.


Running outdoors is a perfect way to get some aerobic exercise, but you must be properly prepared and dressed. Begin slowly and gradually increase your workload.Also, you have to be careful on the weather forecast. Based on the temperature, precipitation, and road conditions, you can determine whether it is safe to drive.

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