Running Apparel For Different Types Of Running

If you are willing to achieve your fitness goals by running, you need to get your fitness attire first. Running requires comfort, and you can get if you have the right running clothes. Right clothes will absorb your sweat timely and will not let you exhaust for a more extended period. In this article, you will know about some of the running clothes essential to start your fitness journey.

Running Clothes – Socks

Along with an expensive pair of shoes, you need to get a comfortable pair of socks. Right running socks will prevent you from having blisters or shoe bites. There are different socks types which give more cushioning and keeps your feet dry and warm. It is a must one for the runners, to give your feet the ability to run farther.

Running Clothes – Shorts

Nylon is the best material for running shorts. Nylon shorts allow airflow and are soft and light. Right pants give ease of movement. Fitness runners require this to prevent sore spots and any infection due to sweat. Sprinters do prefer Lycra shorts.

T-shirt Or Vest

Different Types Of Running Clothes Essential For A Runner
Different Types Of Running Clothes Essential For A Runner

A human-made Polypropylene vest is necessary amongst all running clothes. The most amount of sweat generated accumulates in the upper body and T-shirts or vests absorb the most of it. It is important for your vest to absorb most of your sweat. These are lightweight and feel free to put it on for an hour long run.

Tops With Long Sleeve

Most of the runners prefer long sleeved running tops.  You are getting thickness options when you choose for long sleeve running clothes. It comes in different material such as Merino wool, wonder-fibre. The price to these materials differs depending upon the quality.  Merino becomes warmer when wet and is expensive whereas Polypro is cheaper. Polypro is an excellent material, but it stinks after regular use.


Remember that you are going to run for your fitness, so get yourself a stretchable legwear. Your pants should not restrict you from moving your body parts, and it must be supportive. Runners prefer to wear shorts above the tight pants to make it look less-tighter.

Different Types Of Running Clothes Essential For A Runner
Different Types Of Running Clothes Essential For A Runner


Jackets are optional, but if you are running in the rainy season, then you will need a showerproof running jacket. There are unique materials for running jackets that makes them lightweight. You can get yourself a running jacket while shopping for running clothes. Select a Nylon material jacket for a breathable jacket.


This Gilets can be a replacement for the running jackets. Gilets are even lighter in weight and are sleeveless. You can pair it with a long sleeve top in winters.

Running Clothes – Gloves Or Hats

During cold weather conditions, your head and hands need covers to prevent heat loss. They are wind resistant and also keep you warm.

These are some of the running clothes to start the fitness journey, and if you run a marathon or just for fitness sake, get the perfect gears for it. If you have made up your mind to step into running, try, and give emphasis on every running guideline.

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