Running in the Morning Benefits you must Know

running in the morning benefits

Running is without a doubt a great way to achieve your fitness goals.  It is also one of the simplest forms of exercise. The question on our minds today is whether there is a specific time that is best for running.  Well, the time of the day you choose to run definitely does matter.  According to research, the best time to run is early in the morning. Here are some benefits of running in the morning that you must know.

Improves your Productivity for the Day

Ever heard the saying that the early bird catches the biggest worm?  Well, it turns out that a morning run will help you keep “catching worms” throughout the day.  This is because exercise gives you both mental and physical stimulation.  It not only increases your alertness but also helps you get out of bed at the right time.

After a good run, there is more endorphin and adrenaline flowing through the body.  This results in an exquisite feeling called “runner’s high” which can last for hours after you finish your workout.

Improves Heart Health

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Want to reduce the risk of heart disease by almost half?  A five-minute run every day is what stands between you and a lower risk of cardiovascular disease. Research shows that runners have a 27% lower risk of early death and a 30% lower risk of death from cardiovascular problems.  This is true for all runners, no matter how fast they run or for how long.

By all accounts, running helps you stay healthier and live longer.  

Jump-starts your Metabolism

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One of two things happens to the food we eat.  It can either be consumed by the body as a source of energy, or it can be stored up as fat.  If you are looking to keep fit or trying to lose some weight, you don’t want your body to store up fat.

In this case, you should start running in the morning before you have breakfast.  This is because, after a workout, your body uses a meal to restore itself rather than storing it up.  What’s more, a morning jog will boost your metabolism, helping your body burn calories all through the day.  It also means that you will likely feel hungry after you finish, making you less likely to skip the most important meal of the day.

Better Joint Health

There was a time when people thought that running was bad for your joints. However, recent studies have shown that runners are actually less likely to develop joint problems.  The reason for this is that runners are likely to be fit and to carry less weight thus reducing the amount of strain on the joints. 

Running in the morning has also been linked to better and developed muscle strength which helps reduce the chances of osteoarthritis.

Improved Sleep

If you are one of those people who tosses and turns for a long time before getting to sleep, you need to consider running.  Studies show that people who work out in the morning spend more time in deep sleep than those who work out in the afternoon or evening.

An additional barrier to good sleep is lack of routine.  After a few days of getting up early to run, you will start to feel tired earlier in the evening.  Once you build a routine of going to bed and waking up at the same times each day, your sleep will improve.

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