Running Shoe Accessories That Improve Your Workouts

running shoe accessories

Well, with today’s comfortable and supportive running equipment, running shoe accessories have literally climbed up like something from a different planet. Running accessories now come in all shapes and sizes and can become something to rave about. With many new running shoe brands coming out and running shoe accessories that were once just for men have also become available for women. So what are some of the cool accessories you see women today wearing? Here are some of the running shoe accessories that women seem to love.

The New Nike Air Max

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One of the most popular running accessories on the market is the new Nike Air Max running shoe. This running shoe is equipped with many different running shoe accessories that enable it to be different from other running shoes. For example, the n’ flat nylon upper of the Air Max running shoe allows for the shoe to mold to your foot to give you the perfect fit. However, the nylon uppers also come in many colors, allowing you to find the perfect color that will match your fashion preference.

Another one of the most popular running shoe accessories that has become a necessity is the orthotic insoles. Some people call them super cushions, others say they add to the shock absorption of the shoe. Either way, orthotic insoles have greatly improved the shock absorption ability of the running shoe. Typically, runners wear orthotics that help them absorb shock and pressure. Most often than not, runners wear orthotic insoles when they run on level surfaces. However, if you suffer from plantar fasciitis, you can use an orthotic with built-in arch supports for more shock absorption.

Top Quality Grip Tape

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Another top running accessory for the Nike Air Max is the top quality grip tape. Grip tape provides extra traction for your feet to lessen the chances of injury while running on concrete, asphalt, or grass. It also reduces the chances of blisters because the grip acts as a cushion that provides the runner with added grip. With so many different types of grip tape brands to choose from, it’s important to look for the ones that provide extra traction and protection.

One of the running shoe accessories that every runner should have is a water bottle. Depending on where you plan to run, you can either bring along a bottle with you or purchase one of the many water bottle holders that are available today. Water bottles are an excellent way to hydrate yourself. It also gives you the chance to stay hydrated during long runs. However, many runners prefer to bring along an additional water bottle with them. As you may know, runners sometimes need to drink more water than normal because their body requires rehydration after running.

The Orthotic Insoles

Another popular running shoe accessories is the orthotic insoles. They are designed to provide relief to those people who suffer from plantar fasciitis. The insoles are usually made of foam that conforms to the shape of the foot. With so many options for insoles available in the market today, runners can be sure to find one that will suit their specific needs.

The number of running shoe accessories being introduced these days has been huge. With so many manufacturers are coming up with their own unique ideas, it is hard to decide which ones you actually need. However, there are some running accessory brands that every runner should consider purchasing. Manufacturers such as New Balance, Nike, Adidas, Foot Joy, and Slazenger have created innovative products that will make running easier and more comfortable. These brands have created running accessories that will make your workout fun, allowing you to enjoy your activity even more.


One of the most useful running accessories that you could purchase is a pair of shoes that come with a built-in t-shirt. This t-shirt is specially designed to help you warm up before your runs. Most professional athletes prefer to have a t-shirt specifically made for their exercise routines so that they can focus on their workouts without worrying about getting it wet. You can purchase a pair of shoes or a pair of foot warmers with your personal t-shirt. This way you can work out in peace and not worry about your workout clothes getting ruined. A lot of brands now sell pre-made t-shirts that come in different colors so you can pick one that goes well with your running attire.

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