Running Stairs - One Of The Best Way Of Exercise - Running Stairs - One Of The Best Way Of Exercise -

Running Stairs – One Of The Best Way Of Exercise

running stairs benefits

Running stairs has come in the category of medium to high-intensity cardiovascular exercise with numerous health benefits. Climbing and running stairs lead to

* Increase your heart rate

* Your muscles will stretch and become flexible

* You will burn more calories

* It Boosts Your metabolism process

* It straightens your tendon

* Weight loss

Benefits Of Running Stairs

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Many people do not involve going to the gym on a daily basis. Some people prefer to work out at home and do not want to pay for a membership in the gym. You will surely find stairs to ramp up in your workout routine. It is recommended to do a moderate-intensity workout for 30 minutes 5 days a week to achieve full health and fitness benefits. With a good workout plan, you can ask to achieve all this through running up and downstairs.

1. Running Stairs Help In Weight Loss

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As it is a moderate to high-intensity activity, you will need to run in high intensity to get the best results. Your body will use more oxygen as you run up and downstairs, your heart rate will get a boost, and your muscles will work extra harder in a good way. This will help you in burning more calories, which is the basis of weight loss.

2. Running Stairs Helps To Keep Heart Healthy

Running stairs helps your heart and lungs to function better and also reduces the risk of high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.

3. It Will Help To Shape Your Thighs And Butts

Your thigh and butt muscles will actively be engaged throughout your running process; this makes them highly active and strong also giving a good shape.


Running stairs is a very simple cardiovascular exercise that everyone can do for good health. Stairs are available everywhere, and you don’t have to pay membership fees for doing a workout on them; just you have to choose that time of day in which that place is quiet and uninterrupted. We do different types of the workout, but we should always be on the safe side before choosing a new workout. You should acquire the right protective gear for your running stairs workout to avoid injuries. You should choose flat & light shoes for taking stairs to avoid falls. It is also important to follow the correct diet plan along with your exercise. You can take the full benefits of running stairs by doing it correctly and on a daily basis. It is important to do at least 20 minutes of moderate to high intensity running stairs workout; You can use a stopwatch to calculate the number of stairs you can clear in a minute in the beginning and also aim in advance for each day to achieve your workout goal.

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