Running to lose weight plans

running to lose weight

Running to lose weight plans is one of the best ways to lose excess body fat that is keeping you conscious about your looks. You can also try Insanity Workout, it’s a superb workout plan.

Nowadays, most people are trying their level best to maintain their fitness and stay healthy. They want to reduce excess body weight so that they look graceful and smart.

Types of

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Basically, there are two types of exercises, cardio exercises, and weight training.

Cardio exercise:

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Most fitness experts are recommending cardio exercises for weight loss. It helps in losing two times more weight as compared to weight training. These are simple exercises that include running, walking, cycling, etc.

Weight training:

This includes various body-building techniques to tone up your muscles and improve their strength.

Another type of exercise is combined workouts or a combination of both cardio and weight training.

Running to lose weight plans:

Weight loss is not only about exercise but also depends upon your eating habits. It’s a proven fact that people who follow an unhealthy eating schedule are more likely to gain bodyweight. Eating the right amount of food with good nutrients is very important for fitness. Excess intake of fatty food and fried items makes your body fat and you look obese.

Now it’s time to think about running plans for weight loss. There are various types of exercises available including walking, jogging, cycling etc that can be done at home or outside in the open air. The best running plan that I prefer is following a simple schedule like 5 or 10 minutes walk and after every 30 minute do running exercise.

In the beginning, it’s quite difficult for an unfit person to follow a fixed schedule but as days will pass by, your body will adjust with the training. The ultimate goal of losing weight is to use up all that extra fat from your body and maintain a healthy life style.

Simple running to lose weight plans:

If you are planning for a simple yet effective running plan, then follow these schedules. You can also do them daily or alternate days according to your convenience. The only condition is that you should avoid junk foods and drink water frequently between meals to flush out toxins from the body.

1- 5 minutes walk:

If you are a beginner and not doing any exercise for your body, then follow this plan. Start with 5 minutes walk and increase the time as you become fit and strong. It’s important to test your pulse rate before starting with exercises. If it is more than 130 bpm (beats per minute), then consult your doctor before starting exercises.

2- 30 minutes walk:

This is a medium plan and can be done by those who are unable to follow the first schedule. It helps in reducing weight as well as maintaining your body shape. You can either do it in the morning or evening before dinner for the best results.

3- 60 minutes walk:

This is a high plan and suitable for those who have completed walking or any other exercise in the morning. You can also walk for 30 minutes in the morning and complete it by doing one hour walk in the evening.


So, these are some of the best runnings to lose weight plans that will help you in reducing excess body fat from your belly and waist areas. It’s important to consult a professional when planning a workout schedule for yourself.

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