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Sprinter Versus Marathon Runners

Sprinter versus Marathon runner

Most of the non-runners or beginners think that running fast is enough to be a runner. But it’s not true at all. There are different types of running races and all are different in its nature. However, many of them are slightly different or contain a little bit of variation while others are completely different. Among all types of races, sprinter and marathon are two common and the most known.

If you study thoroughly, you will get to know that a day-night different present in sprinting and running for a marathon. However, it looks almost similar to non-runners. In this article, we will know the difference between a sprinter and a marathon runner.

Sprinter versus Marathon runner
Sprinter versus Marathon runner

Pace And Speed Differentiate Sprinter and Marathon

The key difference in sprinting and marathon running is speed and pace. And all other differences between both are just result of this difference. Sprinter requires running faster while marathon runners don’t need to bother much about their speed. However, Marathon runner needs to practice more about long runs. On the other hand, sprints are a short yet fast run. Resultantly, you will need more energy and a balanced diet as a sprinter.

Workout And Training

As you know, sprinters require speedy and long paces to run fast. So, such runners require training accordingly. From the diet to a workout schedule, everything is different for a sprinter.

Marathon is mostly of the long run. So, marathon runners train themselves for patience and practice running on long paths. Contrary to this, sprinting is just a game of a few seconds or minutes. Sprint races vary from 100 meters to 1000 meters. So, this dog fight burns more energy in lesser time. Such aspirants need to train themselves on short race tracks.

Differentiate Sprinter From Marathon Runner With Muscle And Physique Involve

Runners think that if you run a marathon only, you will not build the good physique and muscles which a sprinter builds. But it’s not true. Even as a marathon runner, you can build the same physique and strengthen muscles. It’s a matter of personal choice. But you will require more efforts. Of course, if you want to gain more, you will have to put more efforts and do hard work.

Moreover, metabolism in the human body works faster and harder for activities that require more energy. As you know very well, sprinting consumes more energy than any marathon runner. So, marathon runners mostly use the oxidative system of metabolic which keeps you energized in the long run.

Sprinter versus Marathon runner
Sprinter versus Marathon runner

Psychological Difference

Humans have two kinds of muscles fiber which send signals to the brain. Type 1 fiber is slow-twitch which is resistant to fatigue or generate fatigue slowly while type 2 muscle fibers are prone to fatigue. So, marathon runners generate former fiber and sprinters generate later muscle fiber. And now, the psychological impact of both is needless to speak out. You might have understood it!

Other than this, heart rate, metabolic activities, and desire to win keep your mind engaged in such a way that you don’t even recognize how your body differentiates for each task.

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