The Health Benefits of Running

health benefits of running

If you have been living in the city for a while and you find that you are suffering from constant ailments and pains, you will want to start getting into better physical shape by indulging in some form of exercise. In most cities across the U.S., it can be difficult for runners to find a decent trainer or gym that offers any sort of resistance training. The good news is that there are many health benefits of running that doesn’t just appeal to people who want to look slim and trim. These include better sleep, improved heart health, and more.

The primary benefit of running is that it burns calories. As long as the distance you cover and the time you spend per session are sufficient, you will burn calories and lose weight. Runners can maintain their endurance up to three hours before they feel tired. They also have more energy than someone who doesn’t run regularly. It has been scientifically proven that intense physical activity produces a chemical reaction that raises the levels of a hormone called Adiponectin, which acts as a metabolism booster and helps control hunger and metabolism.

Health Impact

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The second benefit of running is that it improves your cardiovascular health. People with high blood pressure or diabetes should particularly consider running. According to the American Heart Association, those who engage in moderate to vigorous physical exercise three times a week for at least 20 minutes each session are less likely to develop cardiovascular disease. Those who already have cardiovascular disease or hypertension should be sure to consult with their doctor before undertaking any exercise program.

The third benefit of running is that it can improve your mood. Many psychologists believe that depression can be a warning signal for other health problems like heart disease, cancer, or diabetes. By jogging on a daily basis, you can reduce your risk of developing these diseases as well as improving your mood and general outlook on life.

Burns Calories

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The fourth benefit of jogging is that it burns more calories than any other form of aerobic exercise. If you weigh 160 pounds or less, you can start to lose weight by jogging. Even a lightweight runner can burn about two thousand calories per hour if they run on a regular schedule. Even a runner who weights over 180 pounds can burn about four thousand calories per hour.

The fifth benefit of running is that it is a great way to increase your overall health. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, jogging can help you to lose more than three pounds per week if you combine it with steady aerobic exercise. Jogging can also increase your muscle strength, while simultaneously decreasing your body fat index. Jogging is also a great way to increase your stamina. Studies have shown that a runner who runs a mile or more per week doubles their stamina.

Improves Mental Health

The sixth benefit of running is that it improves your mental health. Studies have shown that jogging can decrease the risk of serious health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, and obesity. These improvements in your mental health are also linked to better sleep. When you run regularly, your brain produces more brain cells and experiences a greater ability to cope with stress. This better sleep also leads to better sleep apnea and reduced stress levels, which can lead to a lower risk of depression.


The seventh benefit of running is that it helps you lose weight. A large number of people who participate in regular running have reported that they reduce their waistlines. People who engage in this activity regularly are more likely to maintain their weight loss when they reach their middle age and older years. A runner who engages in vigorous exercise three times a week or more can shed as much as fifteen pounds in a year.

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