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Running in the winter can be very dreadful. From finding the right clothes to match the season, shoes that won’t glide, the dry air, as well as the extreme cold. In this article, we’ll discuss a few tips on running in the winter as well as keeping fit. Let’s delve into it! 

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Remember that this is a very cold season so while picking out essentials, they should be winter-friendly. Firstly, you will need a change of wardrobe. Create space for the new arrivals of thick running tights, wool long-sleeves, gloves, headband, windproof running jacket, and socks. This will help you gear up as well as resist the cold. It is important to note that, immediately you start running, your body temperature increases which is a good thing. Nevertheless, if you stop running, the cold sets in. Therefore, a change of cloth is needed. 

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In running, a lot of emphasis should be made on technique. When you summon the courage to leave the comfort of your bed for a run after gearing up, don’t just jump outside. 

Firstly, warm-up your body with some easy exercises. Enough to get your blood flowing and your body heat going. 

Secondly, adopt the running with the wind and running into the wind technique. Practicalize it by running probably ten minutes into the wind, then turn around and run five minutes. The reason for this occurrence is to prevent frostbite. 

Thirdly, is the pace of running. Now! In this aspect, speed doesn’t matter because it is not a competition. Take quick paces(not so quick and not so slow) maintaining your running and breathing techniques. 

No doubt, there’s quite a struggle to catch your breath while running. You may feel like your lungs are burning as you inhale and exhale but not to worry. Always keep in mind to stay hydrated, wrap up, and breathe deeply. 


Assuming you leave in an area where it is usually very cold, it’s advisable to locate the less humid spots. For example, running on the hill. This will help to reduce the amount of dry air you inhale. Regardless, if you can afford a nose and mouth mask to shield and retain moisture in your face go for it. 


Although running on a treadmill doesn’t equal running outside, it is a reasonable option. A treadmill is composed of a continuous moving belt used to enhance running while on a spot. The best part is it can be adjusted to soothe the user. While running on a treadmill, also apply the running and breathing techniques else you’d be exhausted. 


Hopefully, these few tips help in making your run less miserable. Be sure not to run if the temperature is below freezing point. The idea is to keep fit not to commit suicide. Also, stay updated on the weather report in your locality before embarking on the journey.

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