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What You Should Consider Before Buying Music While Running Equipment For Runners

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As a long time runner, I’ve learned that listening to music while running is not only a good habit and will greatly reduce your chances of injury, it’s also a great way to keep yourself motivated. Running is hard work, but you can greatly reduce your risk of injury by hearing music while running as well. Many people don’t consider this because they associate music with boredom and don’t pay much attention to it when running. However, there are three main benefits of music while running, and these benefits are:

Benefits Of Music While Running

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Motivation – The first benefit of music is motivation. When you run slow and listen to bales and other slow music, you are forced to push yourself harder. This causes both your heart rate and your breathing to increase. This increased blood flow creates more energy and makes you feel stronger as you push yourself further. If you don’t have a mp3 player, then simply reading a book or watching an online video can create this additional mental force to continue running.

Sustenance – The second benefit is sustenance. If you eat a good amount of bales throughout the day, then you’re getting more nutrients, which in turn will give you more energy. You’ll have more strength and stamina as well. If you have the choice between running and eating, always choose to run. It will be better for your lungs and for your bones.

Entertainment – Music is another form of entertainment and can also help in reducing the stress you might be feeling while running. There is such a wide variety of songs available that you’ll be sure to find something that is enjoyable to you. Just remember that any song that causes you to feel lighthearted and happy will likely cause you to break out in a sweat. Don’t listen to songs with bad lyrics; they won’t help you get through your runs.

Shopping For Music While Running Equipment

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When shopping for equipment, you want it to be worth the money you spend. Bales for example can easily cost upwards of $200, so you need to compare prices before making any decisions. Another thing to consider is how much equipment you actually need to run. If you only plan to purchase bales and you don’t actually use all of them, then you could very well end up spending more on the purchase than you would if you had a more varied usage of the equipment. Purchasing the most expensive Hay Hauler Hay Master could end up saving you thousands over time, especially if you use it in conjunction with some of the other equipment pieces.

How To Start Running?

A Hay Hauler Hay Master plays an important role when starting your run. Since you need to be able to carry the bales, you need something that will handle the weight. That’s why the Ashford aluminium post holders are so popular. However, these are expensive because they can also hold up to 10 ton weights. If you’re looking for a cheaper option that will hold up to the same weight then I would suggest checking out some of the smaller, lighter models that can easily be purchased for under $100 at a local store.

Once you have the ideal bale setup, you should then consider what else you will need to do in order to complete your runs. Will you need additional equipment like helmets and protective gear? Will you want to invest in a GPS unit? If so, will it suffice for your needs?


Running isn’t an easy task but it can become even easier if you invest in the proper equipment that will help to make the experience safer for yourself. The last thing you want to do is get injured and take your season off. Investing in music equipment like the Ashford Haymasters for instance will certainly improve your chances of a great run. Don’t forget, safety is the most important thing.

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